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Rent the perfect size kite and board for the day’s conditions and avoid the hassle and expense of bringing your own equipment.
We are equipped with a wide range of the latest Ozone kites. Our kitesurfing school is situated directly on the beach, which makes it easy to change equipment at any time to suit the conditions. You only pay for the time you use the equipment not for the expected schedule.

Our beach watch team will keep a close watch on you while you’re on the water and will be there to assist you if need any help.

Complete SetPHP 1,000PHP 2,200
Board OnlyPHP 350PHP 750

NOTE:  In order to rent equipment you will need proof of being equal to IKO level 2 or above and be able to ride upwind. If you do not have a certification you must prove your competence before we will rent you equipment. This can be done by taking a 1/2 hour ‘skill assessment’ with one of our instructors. This system is employed to cover for the safety of you.


If you’re not quite ready to go it alone, we also offer kitesurfing supervision. Supervised Rental is for those who can not stay upwind or need some assistance. Supervision includes all the Equipment plus an assistant who will stay with you and keep a close eye on you for your safety. It’s ideal, to help you kite independently with the confidence of knowing you are under the watchful eye of your supervisor.

Complete SetPHP 1,200PHP 2,800