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Union Beach is a beautiful stretch of golden sand with shallow water making it the perfect position for a kitesurfing school! It is the ideal location for beginner kitesurfing lessons and a fantastic location for independent riders to gain experience in a safe environment, and the best part is theres nobody around, just yet!

We have chosen to open our second school here to help excel your learning curve as there are no crowds you can learn here in peace! This paradise is all about you and the beach. It has a reef protected flat water that catches onshore wind, making it ideal for freestyle and small wave riding.

We have accommodation located right on the beach Beach nestled among the coconut trees.


To get there from Boracay you can either do a 5 km. downwinder with kites or take a tricycle to Jetty port and then boat to Caticlan.

Map of our school on Union Beach


Union Beach is located on Panay Island in the center of the Philippines about 5 km from Caticlan (Boracay) Airport or about 64 km from Kalibo Airport. To fly to Union Beach from Manila, you can choose one of two available airports – Caticlan (Boracay Airport) or Kalibo, both situated on Panay Island.


The fastest way to reach Union Beach from Manila is to fly into Caticlan (Boracay Aiport) which takes 45 minutes. It then takes a 5 minute tricycle to Union Beach. The airlines that travel to Caticlan are –

  • Philippine Airlines
  • Cebu Pacific
  • Air Asia

Another option is to fly into Kalibo. Once you land in Kalibo it takes a 1 and half hour bus-ride to Union Bay. The airlines that travel to Kailbo are –

  • Philippine Airlines
  • Cebu Pacific
  • Air Asia


If your already on Boracay you have two options: you can take the banca boat to Caticlan Jetty and then take a tricycle to Union Beach for about 10 minutes or if your an intermediate kiteboarder you can kite downwind to Union Beach approxamitely 20 mins.

Boracay to union downwinder