Boracay is one of the Philippines best kitesurfing locations thanks to the constant wind that blows every day throughout the “amihan” season which is between November to April. The Bulabog lagoon stretches over 3 bays for 2 ½ km providing a huge shallow playground for beginner to advanced kitesurfers, with side on shore wind. It is the perfect spot to learn kiteboarding as there is shallow waist depth water, flat warm water, sunshine and regular wind.


Our kitesurfing school is easy to find. We are located right in the middle of Bulabog Beach, next door to Pahuwayan suites, near 7 Stones. You can ask the tricycle driver to bring you to Bulabog Beach.

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Boracay Island is located at the north tip of Panay Island in the center of the Philippines. To fly to Boracay from Manila, you can choose from two airports – Caticlan or Kalibo Airport


Boracay Airport - Caticlan


kalibo airport

The fastest way to reach Boracay is to fly into Caticlan Airport which takes 45 minutes. A motorized trike will take you to the Caticlan Jetty Port, less than five minutes away then its a 15 minute banca boat ride from the Jetty Port to Boracay. The airlines allow only 10 Kgs luggage but you can just pay the excess luggage charges when checking it. Its around 100 PHP per kilo.

The airlines that travel to Caticlan are –

Kalibo Airport is a larger airport located 90 minutes from Caticlan Jetty Port. Once you land in Kalibo you need to take a van or bus service (waiting outside the airport) to Caticlan Jetty Port then a 15 minute banca boat ride to Boracay. The advantage of flying into Kalibo you can prepay your baggage allowance so its a good option if your bringing lots of gear.

The airlines that travel to Caticlan are –