kitesuring lessons 4 stages of learning


  • Price: PHP 24,000

  • Tuition Time: 3 hours (1:1) 4 hours (2:1)

  • Students per instructor: 1-2

  • Equipment: All provided

Course Description:

The beginner level 1-3 is the recommended course if you really want to get into the sport. The course is designed to take you from a complete beginner to an independent kiter. The course is usually completed over 3-4 days.

During this course you will learn how to control the control a trainer (smaller) kite, once you have mastered the kite flying skills we will teach you how to set up a LEI kite and head into the water where you will learn body dragging (the power generated by the kite which moves you forward on the water.)

Next we will teach you advanced body dragging techniques and learn to body drag with board. Once you have mastered these skills its time for the board. You will learn the water start theory and start practicing your board starts and we will get you up and riding longer distances.

Once you are independently riding you can start renting equipment. We will issue and International IKO card upon completion of this course. This will enable you to rent the equipment and use kitesurfing stations all over the world.

Course Content:

  • Theory
  • Kite Set-Up
  • Safety
  • Kite Control
  • Water re-launching
  • Body Dragging (all directions)
  • Body Dragging with the board
  • Board Recovery
  • Self Rescue
  • Water Start theory
  • Water Start practice
  • Board Control
  • Coaching and feedback

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