Learning how to body drag during a kitesurfing lesson


  • Price: PHP 8,000

  • Tuition Time: 3 hours (1:1) 4 hours (2:1)

  • Students per instructor: 1-2

  • Equipment: All provided

Course Description:

The Beginner Level 2 kitesurfing course is aimed at people who have already done a beginner kitesurfing course and are up to the level where they can control kite and perform basic bodydragging skills.

In this lesson you will learn advanced body dragging techniques and learn to body drag with board. Once you have mastered these skills its time for the board. You will learn the water start theory and start practicing your board starts to be ready for the beginner level 3. This is next step on your way to become an independent kitesurfer. We will issue and International IKO card upon completion of this course.

Course Content:

  • Body Dragging (all directions)
  • Body Dragging with the board
  • Board Recovery
  • Self Rescue
  • Water Start theory
  • Water Start practice

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