student doing his first board starts


  • Price: PHP 8,000

  • Tuition Time: 3 hours (1:1) 4 hours (2:1)

  • Students per instructor: 1-2

  • Equipment: All provided

Course Description:

The Beginner Level 3 kitesurfing course is aimed at people who have already started their kitesurfing adventure. If you are a master in bodydragging or started your first waterstarts this course is for you. This course is dedicated to improving your board skills to get you riding along comfortably and independently. In this lesson you will refresh water starts and get up and riding longer distances including upwind (start and come back to the same point). Once you are independently riding you can start renting equipment. We will issue and International IKO card upon completion of this course. This will enable you to rent the equipment and use kitesurfing stations all over the world.

Course Content:

  • Water Start theory
  • Water Start practice
  • Board Control
  • Riding longer distances
  • Edging the board to maintain speed and course
  • Independently ride long distances upwind
  • Coaching and feedback

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